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… people say something is interesting.

The word, ‘interesting’ is one of my least favorite words. When you ask for feedback and get the word, ‘interesting’ . Do you wonder why you bothered asking?

The word is defined as, ‘holding attention’ ( I could see saying something like, “I reviewed 10 websites and only two were interesting”.  In this case the word is used well. It means that eight websites are not as likely to hold the attention as the other two.

Okay, I know this is a silly rant. But I just asked my friend to read one of my poems. He said the poem was ‘interesting’.  It was useless feedback…  I mean if I asked him detailed questions then I would be leading him.

Oh well, I will find an interesting person to go through my poem… or I mean I will find a person with a background in writing who just might be an interesting person.


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