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Must sleep

I now have my large screen Samsung monitor brightness level down to a 3. The brightness level can scale up to 100. This is a sign my eyes need some rest. I don’t know what it is about staying up late. I think it’s that I have some time to focus on things without interruption.

But I love getting up early in the morning too. Can’t I have the both? Anyone in the same boat?


How Sweet It Is

The husband walked into the office around 5:20AM wondering why I am up. After telling him I have been awake since 2AM he brought me herbal tea and breakfast. I know, I know… awww.

But, a little TLC and I’m ready to catch some zzzz-s.

Ciao, buona notte.

Jovial Satire

I think America’s humor takes a different perspective from humor in other parts of the globe. We have a jovial sense of humor. It’s fun-loving with a hint of satire. I like jovial. It makes good use of humor by lightening the mood. Other parts of the globe tend to be little darker… laughing at others’ misfortunes and so forth.

I think our humor is jovial because we work so damn hard and are all pretty much in the same boat. Anyhoo, long live jovial satire.

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