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Tool Tips Can Get in the Way!

Tool tips can be helpful, but watch out for when they are not! Irritating tool tips are appearing in random places.

The image below is of a tool tip with the word, ‘About’ in its little gray button-like balloon. The tool tip displays as I hover on the navigation link called, ‘About’. I am betting this is a minor bug, but it’s a big gripe of mine. This tip is not telling me anything I need to know – I mean, what more can you say, it’s a link! One nice thing about mousing over the link is that it becomes underlined text and that is all that is needed.

Further, this unhelpful tool tip covers up the next row of navigation options. Anyone dealing with usability knows this is taboo. When the navigation is kept from my view I can’t see what else is available. Despite this bug though, IXDA is a great resource for interactive designers.

Next is an example of a tool tip I battle continuously. This is a capture of a folder in Windows 7. Notice that it’s difficult to view the next thumbnail picture in this list? And even more irritating, I can’t move my mouse over to the bottom arrow of the scroll bar because I can’t see it. If I want to scroll to the next file, I have to move my mouse off of the file and wait for the tip to go away. Then I can move my mouse over to the arrow in order to scroll (if I grab the scroll bar itself, it will jump too far when I have a lot of files in a folder).

I have dealt with this particular tool tip long enough. I shut-off the tool tip in my folders and it’s a nice, minor improvement.


… people say something is interesting.

The word, ‘interesting’ is one of my least favorite words. When you ask for feedback and get the word, ‘interesting’ . Do you wonder why you bothered asking?

The word is defined as, ‘holding attention’ ( I could see saying something like, “I reviewed 10 websites and only two were interesting”.  In this case the word is used well. It means that eight websites are not as likely to hold the attention as the other two.

Okay, I know this is a silly rant. But I just asked my friend to read one of my poems. He said the poem was ‘interesting’.  It was useless feedback…  I mean if I asked him detailed questions then I would be leading him.

Oh well, I will find an interesting person to go through my poem… or I mean I will find a person with a background in writing who just might be an interesting person.


… 1,2,3,4 years ago. Which is it?

When someone comments about a time when they experienced something, I hate it when they say; 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 years ago. Why can’t they say it was approximately 2 years ago? Why take our time by counting down the number of years with them? Get to the point!

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